Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said President Asif Ali Zardari's tour was fruitful and timely as it gave an opportunity to elucidate many issues and explain apprehensions and misunderstandings. Talking to the US media, Qureshi further said that as a result, many apprehensions were removed in bilateral talks. To a query about Swat, he said that Swat operation was started because the rival party violated the peace agreement. The Taliban had promised the NWFP government to honour the peace accord, lay down their weapons and to help restore peace in the area and refrain from challenging the writ of the government. They promised to confine themselves up to Swat. The government was fully committed to honour its words. But, the militants violated the agreement and now, the government had no other option to flush them out and defeat them. Shah Mehmood said that one aspect is clear that currently, there is much more national consensus in Pakistan as compared to the past against extremism and terrorism. That is why; the government has mustered the supports of many political parties, media and civil society. He said we are facing a challenge of a huge number of displaced people and refugees. He hoped that the international community would play its role in this regard. As far as the development of the social sector is concerned, the US aid will enable us to pay attention to provide basic amenities of life to the people including education, health and sanitation.