LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) organised a rally against the US drone attacks and army operation in Swat and the tribal belt on The Mall from Nasir Bagh to the Punjab Assembly amid tight security on Sunday. It also announced to hold anti-America and anti-government demonstrations throughout the country. The protest rally participated by hundreds of JI activists demanded for ceasing Swat operation and abandoning of 'pro-America policies pioneered by former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf. The party activists chanted slogans against the US and expressed their annoyance of the governments of American and Pakistan for causing steep rise in the death toll of civilians due to the military operation and drone attacks in Fata. Ameer JI chief Munawwar Hassan led the marchers along with other party stalwarts including Liaquat Baloch, Amir-ul-Azeem, Syed Waqas, Arshad Baghu and Azhar Iqbal. The Mall, the centre of protest rally, remained echoing with slogans like Go America Go, Friend of America is a traitor and India-Israel-America connivance unacceptable. Addressing the gathering, JI Chief Munawwar Hassan said they were not opposed to the American people, but the policies of the US governments had always favoured the forces conspirating against Muslims around the globe. He criticised White House for pressing the Pakistan government to remove troops from eastern borders and asserting that India was not an enemy of Pakistan. He suggested the PPP-led government not to get rid of American trap, saying that India was Pakistans archrival and the three wars fought between the two countries were the vivid evidence. He also listed Indian embassy in Kabul and the consul offices in other parts of the country as a threat to Pakistan. He said India had cut the water share of Pakistan violating Pak-India water treaty and was building more than 60 dams over the rivers. He was of the view there was no doubt that India creating anarchy in different provinces of Pakistan through terrorism and extremisms. He blamed Indian secret agency RAW for sending suicide bombers in a bid to destabilise the country and demanded the government and army to foiling Indian attempts to emerge as mini superpower in the region to serve the ulterior designs of the US. He slammed those who propagate about upholding the writ of government, saying why did such elements remained silent when Karachi was turned into pool of blood and people were massacred in the result of drone attacks. The JI chief alleged America for trying to wrap up Pakistans nuclear programme and stated that the ongoing military action in Swat and other parts of the Pushto speaking belt was a part of the said plan. He vowed to continue the anti-US protest rallies to expose the ploys of America. He denounced Prime Minister Gilani for his pro-American stance, saying that initially he was talking about a national conference but all of sudden announced to launch the operation under the influence of Obama administration. He claimed that writ of government would prevail only when there would be supremacy of law and constitution in the country. Liaquat Baloch said the JI would continue the movement to routing out America from the region. He warned that a 1971 like situation had been created in the country. He alleged that the civilians were being killed just to term Zardaris trip to America a success. He said the Balochistan issue should be resolved through dialogue instead of force.