ISLAMABAD - The erstwhile silence, which usually tempts the Islooites to spend Sunday indoors, being a weekly off day, gave way to lively buzz this time as Mothers Day was celebrated in the federal capital. Different organisations private and public arranged a number of functions and seminars, talk shows and opinion polls to mark the day. Different hotels and community halls that were reserved to serve the purpose remained the focal point of activity from dawn to dusk. Active participation of the NGOs, developmental organisations, with the lively contributions of spirited youths was seen at major avenues of Islamabad. The participants on the eve signified the importance of motherhood and the role of mothers towards building a nation. The speakers at seminars organised by the local NGOs stressed the need to promote women rights in Pakistan. They highlighted the sacrifices made by the mothers of the East and hardships, which they faced. The talk shows highlighted the importance of proper upbringing of the offspring that was only possible with the active contributions of mothers. Healthy mothers breed healthy nations, was the theme of the day. In addition, some private organisations also arranged events to throw light on the sacrifices made by the mothers from across Pakistan. Those mothers who sustained and survived their tyrant in-laws, adverse social customs, financial fears and societal challenges only for the sake of their children, were revered and paid rich tributes to. Meanwhile, substantial coverage to the event was also given by electronic media as well as some private radio channels. Different television shows organised in this regard aimed at highlighting the plight of Eastern women. The participants from all the quarters unanimously urged for the improvement of socio-economic condition of the country with intensive educational and awareness campaigns to address the grievances of women in general and mothers in particular. APP adds-To acknowledge the role of mothers in development of a child into a dignified citizen, like other parts of the globe the nation marked the international event of Mothers Day here with number of colourful activities. On the occasion, people irrespective of their ages wished their mothers in different ways for their selfless contribution in upbringing of a child. No one can deny the part which the mothers play in nurturing and raising of their children. Mothers are the bedrock who protect their children from the difficulties of life and lend them confidence and courage to meet challenges ahead. Mothers are instrumental in giving their children an identity and instill in them positive values of honesty, integrity and love for others. The World Population Foundation (WPF) in collaboration with National Trust for Population Welfare (NATPOW) arranged Mothers Night here in federal capital on Saturday night. During the event a number of mothers and leading artists of the country participated. A discussion programme was also arranged during the event in which panelists highlighted the concept of safe motherhood. The NATPOW and WPF arranged the celebrations of Mothers Night in all the provincial capitals of the country. While the national event took place in Islamabad. Simultaneously taking on the sub-themes of teenage marriages, maternal nutrition and maternal mortality, various factors contributing to the alarming maternal mortality rate in the country was also highlighted. An advocacy campaign titled Saving the Soul Bearers by the WPF was culminated on the occasion. Besides its headquarters in the Netherlands, World Population Foundation celebrates Mothers Night in 10 different countries across the globe this year. Iftikhar Durrani Chief Executive of NATPOW told this news agency that celebrating mothers night aims at creating awareness about complications endangering health of mothers. He said that diseases related to mother and child are leading cause of death and disability among women of reproductive age in developing countries. Durrani said that greater change could only be made possible through partnership between government and civil society. He said that celebrations of mothers night in our homeland makes Pakistan among the few developing countries that have taken a lead in efforts for improving the plight of women.