NEW YORK - With the backing of Pakistan and U.S. governments, Pakistani-Americans from across the country on Saturday decided to form a broad-based organization that has a single-item agenda: to serve Pakistan. The decision to create Pak-American Foundation, an umbrella organization, was taken at a meeting presided by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Besides some 90 Pakistani-Americans belonging to various walks of life and organizations, the meeting was also attended by U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson as well as Pakistan's envoys to the United States and the United Nations -- Husain Haqqani and Hussain Abdullah Haroon, respectively. The decision to create the new organization was unanimous, the foreig minister told reporters after a three-hour sessionat a local hotel. A steering committee was established to do the groundwork for the foundation, such as registration and to complete other formalities, he said. The foundation will have its own website. Qureshi said the atmosphere at the meeting was "very positive" and those present expressed their desire to do their bit for Pakistan which was beset with a number of challenges and difficulties. "It was a good day for Pakistan; it was a happy day," Qureshi said. The foundation, on the lines of Irish Foundation set up when that country was in difficulties, would not be political in nature. The initiative to set up the foundation was taken by the Pakistan foriegn minister and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose message was read out at the meeting. Qureshi said it would be an independent body, not dependent on any government. The Pakistan government and the State Department would act only as facilitators. The individuals who took part in Saturday's meeting have expertise in various spheres and they would continue to work for the organizations they are are currently serving. The next meeting of the foundation would take place in Houston or Los Angeles.