KARACHI - Despite the passage of three months, a total of 1,220 teachers including Primary School Teachers (PST), Junior School Teachers (JST) and Sindhi Language Teachers (SLT) of CDGK-run schools are still waiting for their promotions in the BPS grade-16 due to the lethargic attitude of the authorities concerned of CDGK, The Nation learnt on Sunday. The sources in the education department claimed that the promotions of aforementioned teachers were their due right and department is doing work in this regard and soon they will be promoted. They accepted that some delay is happened but the issue of their promotion will be resolved as soon as possible. As per details, a total of 1,220 PST, JST and SLT were promoted in grade-16 by holding Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) meeting after completing all official requirements and after finalising the names of promoted teachers, the list of successful teachers had been dispatched to the DCO Karachi Javed Hanif office for formal approval. Informed sources in the CDGK education department said that the DCO Karachi had, on the very next day, marked the file to HRM department. But the DO of HRM who first held the file in pending for more than one and a half month and later passed it with frequent reminders. He submitted the file of the promotion of poor teachers back to the Education Group of offices with an imbecile objection that the CDGK is not competent to deal such cases of promotion. But sources in the Education department claimed that the delay was happened due to some lethargy but now positive movement is being seen in this regard and soon the teachers who are waiting for their promotions would be promoted. The ignorance of the HRM department can easily be identified that the posts of HST are actually non gazetted posts of BPS-15 with the salary benefit of BPS-16 and the CDGK had already dealt such sort of promotion cases at their level in 2005, when 1,560 PST, JST and SLT were promoted. Members of various teachers organisations and associations including federation of primary school teachers, Pakistan Education Forum, All Karachi Teachers Alliance and some other expressed their surprise over the delay of the issuance of promotion list. They appealed to the governor Sindh, chief secretary, CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, Provincial Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq, Adviser to Sindh CM Sharmila Farooqui and City Nazim Mustafa Kamal to take notice over the delay in this regard and directed the department to stop creating hurdles in the promotion of suitable persons for the post. They said that most of the teaches who had been promoted by the DPC were waiting for 12 to 15 years for their promotion and when all things smoothly happened, the HRM department created problems. The EDO education office when contacted said that those who were promoted through DPC would soon be promoted in the forthcoming days.