My humble appeal to Taliban is to lay down the arms. If they are patriotic Pakistanis, they would definitely do so because they are our own and this quarrel is actually a domestic one. They must understand that their fight against the government's writ will only serve the cause of our enemies who want Pakistan to become weak and its defence vulnerable. If some of them have foreign origins or agenda, the Pakistani Taliban must join hands with the government and security forces in order to crush them. There is, of course, a domestic dispute over the implementation of Shariah law. But the government has already proved its sincerity while conceding to the demand and it implemented Nizam-e-Adl as was agreed with the Swat Taliban. After the demand was met, the Taliban under the TNSM flag should have surrendered all arms and let the government's writ be restored. Who sabotaged that peace agreement? Obviously the elements amongst the Taliban having links with the enemy countries did not want peace. There can be a compromise or a softened policy towards those having a domestic dispute. But no leniency can be shown to the elements fighting at the behest of Pakistan's enemies, no matter how powerful they are. If it has now been established that the Taliban have with them foreigners from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and India, then not only the government and security forces should employ an iron hand in crushing them but the general masses, the intelligentsia and people belonging to all walks of life should come forward and support the security forces in this war. -SHER KHAN, Swabi, via e-mail, April 28.