Word has it that while refugee camps for internally displaced persons from Swat and Buner are desperately short of funds and basic amenities, our federal ministers are desperately worried about the shortage of funds for new upholstery and drapes in their official residences. We hear that the Finance Ministry sanctioned Rs100,000 each but our ministers cried "Do more". To his credit, the PM did resist their demand but the ministers would not take dictation. In the end, it was agreed that Rs500,000 per minister (multiply by over 70-plus advisers) would be doled out. The amount could feed a million refugees for a week, but who cares. While Rome was burning........ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * We hear that one black coat leader has made it abundantly clear that he does not believe in elections. It all started when the president of Lahore High Court Bar Association, Mr Shahid Siddiqui was elevated to the Lahore Bench. That left a vacancy, but not for long. The LHCBA Vice-President promptly elevated himself to President and immediately took charge. Black coats soon noted that the Presidents Board in the Bar Room that listed names of LHCBA presidents since 1945, now had a new name. It was Munawar Iqbal Gondal. Rumour has it that some black coats tried to reason with him but Gondal pulled a precedent from legal history and advocated his case forcefully. However, a committee of ex-Presidents of LHCBA meet today to sort out the matter. It is likely that Gondal's argument will be rejected and there will be an election after all. Democracy too starts at home.