It is a widely-held belief now that 9/11 was a brain child of the Israeli MOSAD and the American CIA. The whole drama was enacted to invade Iraq. To make the case for invasion stronger, a bogie of WMDs was also raised. This was yet another brainchild of the international liars. A million innocents died in the US invasion of Iraq. For nearly a decade now, the US has been sucking Iraqi oil free of charge. During the superpowers invasion of Afghanistan, Pakistan was also dragged into the Afghan theatre of war where innocents are being killed to turn the innocents into terrorists. Everyone knows that the militants currently fighting in Pakistan are being covertly supplied with sophisticated weapons and training by India, Israel and the US itself. Pakistan is being kept under pressure on one ruse or the other. Mumbai attack was also a part of this same international drama that must have been scripted in USA. A new chapter of this drama unfolded last week in the form of the Times Square failed attack, an incident that has once again brought the Pakistan government under pressure of Washington for no fault of its own. A former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger had very rightly said that It is dangerous to be an enemy of US but even more dangerous to be a friend. I wonder when will the Pakistani rulers learn something from history? Zia-ul-Haq, Shah of Iran and Musharraf were all friends of the US. The latest two in the friends list are Karzai and Zardari. The world would see their fate also very soon. Time forgives no one, especially those who betray their nations. -ASLAM PERVEZ, Loralai, May 10.