LONDON (APP) - Britains first Muslim Minister Shahid Malik lost his Parliamentary seat in Dewsbury, north west England, following severe boundary changes. Maliks election agent Paul Moore in a statement said the boundary changes meant that 26 villages mainly Conservative leaning, being placed in his constituency cost the former MP 4,000 crucial votes. In the Thursday polls for the Lower House of Commons, he lost to his Conservative rival Simon Reevell by a narrow margin of 1526 votes. Reevell polled 18,898 votes against 17,372 votes by Malik. Moore also blamed independent candidate Khizer Iqbal of spoiling Maliks chances and said by getting 3,813 votes, he took away crucial votes though he did have even a slight chance of winning. Sample counts clearly showed that Malik had a majority of in excess 3,000 on the boundary, which he fought in the 2005 General election, but the 26 villages had a negative impact. The deciding factor however was the fact that Iqbal took 3,813 votes, Moore stated. However, he added that Malik increased his vote by 2,000 on his 2005 result. Nevertheless, Moore was unable to hide his disgust at the outcome and said: It is the dirtiest campaign that I have ever encountered and the persons involved should be ashamed of themselves. This kind of politics has no place in the UK or any civilised democracy. They have robbed Dewsbury of the best MP it has ever had and they have especially robbed Muslims in the UK and abroad of a role model that they could all be proud of. The real irony is that despite the British National Party, which aims to rid Britain of Muslim, gaining the most votes in the country in Dewsbury in the general Election 2005, Malik still won convincingly. Yet in 2010, it was not the anti-Muslim party that defeated Malik but a minority of the Muslims themselves. It is truly disgraceful and Muslims across the country should learn from this terribly painful lesson. He put the blame squarely on Khizer Iqbal and Liberal-Democrat councillor Karam Hussain and said their politics based on 'baradari was not helpful. Malik who was a junior Minister in Gordon Browns cabinet was among two Labour Ministers to have lost their seats. The other was former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.