Reacting to announcement of Prime Minister about restoration of the previous historic status of the Hyderabad district, the MQM Chief Mr Altaf Hussain said, The PMs announcement is intolerable for the MQM voters of Hyderabad and he made this announcement under pressure of the Waderas. The break-up of a densely-populated large district into smaller units is not wrong as it provides ease to people of remote areas of the district I endorse the stand taken by Mr Altaf Hussain but only on the condition that a decision is taken to create ease for the public of the rural areas. The story in Hyderabad, though, is altogether different. The district was divided into smaller units just to have an MQM Nazim in the city. All areas having a majority of PPPP voters were dissociated from each other to carve out the city cake is such a way that it could be served, cream, nuts and caramel, to the MQM. This was done by their great benefactor General Musharraf. Sindhis so divided by this conspiracy were marginalized and never got their due share of benefits in the MQM city district governments. By the way, the city of Hyderabad (old) with a population of only about three million was divided into smaller units but the city of Karachi that has fifteen million population was converted into one unit. The model of Hyderabad, if implemented in Karachi would ensue a break up of this densely-populated city into at least five district (that is the number of districts Karachi was divided in before 2000). And if that happens, Mr Altaf Hussain would again cry foul. There is this illogical contradiction in his 'principles. -MUHAMMAD ABBAS BHUTTOO, Larkana, May 9.