We all crib and complain about the misery of power outages. We bemoan the rising prices getting beyond our reach. We thump our chests at the injustices being done to the poor. We keep on and on with the refrain that 'international factors are responsible for all of our miseries. Actually what adds fuel to the fire of our anger is all these jokers that masquerade as 'government on our TV channels. Messrs Dr Firdaous Awan, Fauzia Wahab, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Naveed Qamar, Babur Awan, Jehangir Badr and that Senator that comes from the Presidency and is a fixture of all talkshows. If Mr Gillani cannot do much about our problems, he can surely issue an order to them to stop appearing on the TV with their useless spiels. -AMJAD MIRZA, Lahore, May 9.