According to a news item, an FBR Director recently admitted that his organization had failed to curb smuggling. This senior citizen today may not be able to trace out an old press clipping out of the half burnt record that I have but some 15 years or so back, the then Chairman FBR, some Mr Suleman, had actually used the words that he was aware that his organization had become 'a smugglers den. He had also made the disclosure that 10 years old expired powdered milk that was harmful for infants had been lying in the CBR warehouses. Inspired by one of the many government campaigns about disclosure of tax evasion, I had sent a copy of an advertisement by a Hafizabad quack who had quoted me Rs. 14000/- for his miracle medicine for diabetes to CBR. According to the quack, dozens of patients purchased this miracle medicine daily and got cured. I forwarded this letter by name to the then Chairman CBR raising a question that would he check if this quack was paying income tax in proportion to his 'dozens daily sale of Rs. 14000/- per package. Years have passed I never even got an acknowledgement from the CBR. -MOHAMMAD JAVED, Karachi, May 9.