The UH-60 Black Hawk was inducted in the early 80s and it proved to be one of the safest helicopters in active service today. It has one of the lowest accident rates in the world. So why, according to President Obama did this, upgraded HH-60 Pave Hawk, specially modified for Special Ops crash during one of the most sensitive covert operations of the decade? Here are the facts. Yesterday, they were showing children collecting the ball paint, the radar absorbent coating of the downed heli. The thing that surprised me was that they were gathering these pieces from around 50-100 yards away from the wreckage. When an aircraft crashes (accidentally or due to technical failure) all the wreckage is found in one place. It is concentrated in one area very close together. The Air Blue crash would be a prime example. However, the ball paint of the heli, so far away from the crash site shows that it was probably hit. A trail of wreckage leading to the crash site (ball paint, radar absorbent shield) proves that. Moving on, there were three men other than Bin Laden 'allegedly killed in the compound. According to the US sources only one of them had a weapon, most likely an AK-47. It was one in the morning, with cloudy weather. Even if the 'accomplice had fired an entire magazine at the chopper (in pitch darkness) it is very unlikely that more than 10 rounds would have landed on the target, before the highly trained team would have killed the gunman. Even if the rounds had landed on the most sensitive areas of the Chopper, it is very unlikely that the 7.62mm rounds of the Klashnikov would have penetrated the engine (or any other sensitive part for that matter). An example would be the shooting down of an Uh-60 during Operation Irene in 93 in Somalia. Even after suffering multiple hits from Klashnikovs, the Chopper stayed airborne (it took an RPG to bring it down). The only weapon that could bring down a helicopter like the H-60 would be a 12.7mm or 14.5mm Heavy machinegun (weapons in plentiful quantity with the Army), the weapon which was not available with the gunman. Considering all these facts, something isnt right. Either it was the Pak Army that shot down the Chopper or it wasnt shot down at all (the Ak-47 couldnt do it, and the chopper is too safe and too durable to crash during such an important mission). M.S. Ibraheem Lahore