It is hoped that the Young Doctors Association would now accept the new salary package announced by the Punjab government. The new raise is fairly substantial as in the case of the post-graduate medics a 100 percent raise has been given. The new pay package which is worth Rs 5.2 billion should not be sneezed at given the inflationary pressure the government is facing. It might not sound generous enough to the doctors but from the Punjab governments point of view the move is a big step designed to improve the public healthcare system. The YDA did not express its approval when the package was announced and is deliberating whether or not to accept it. The doctors community must now act with maturity and end their strike that has caused untold misery to thousands of patients visiting government hospitals. Reportedly, the death toll from the strike runs into hundreds which is not a good reflection on the noble profession and can further erode the credibility of doctors in the eyes of the general public. But it would be unjustified to entirely pin the blame for patients suffering on the doctors. The Punjab government took considerably long time while trying to reach a settlement with the doctors. There is no reason why the decision that has been reached on Monday could not have been made earlier. For instance, about a month ago Senior Advisor to the Chief Minister Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa promised to fulfil the YDAs demands and the doctors as a goodwill gesture called off their strike. However, they were later infuriated when they found that the government had deferred the salary raise plan. Such delays should not have been made. However, it is now time to let bygones be bygones and the ball is in the doctors court to react to the package. Now that they have been given sufficient raise they must dedicate themselves to providing treatment to the patients with love and care.