Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has often said that Kalabagh dam became a victim of politics. This self confessional statement from our political rulers about a vital project that could have served as a bedrock for economic stability of Pakistan in ensuring water for agriculture and power for our industries is a slur on the credibility of politicians. They stand discredited by admitting that they are incapable of ensuring national life sustaining projects like Kalabagh dam. The only two existing megadams of Tarbela and Mangla had been built by a military strongman late Field Martial Ayub Khan who built the dams in the teeth of opposition by Sindh Chief Minister late Mr. M.A. Khuro. It has been seen since the past four decades that politicians have only bickered on building a single megadam while tinkering on making small dams of no significant consequence. The promise of starting Basha dam has been repeatedly dangled before the gullible public first in year 2006 and now in 2011 with no progress on the site. India has threatened to slow the dam if not stop the construction of this highly controversial high roller concrete dam in a highly seismic area by claiming that World Bank may not fund the dam being located in a disputed area. Whereas India has storage capacity of over 30 percent of its river waters, we have a capacity of only 8 percent with our diminished capacity of dams over time. The lesson to be learnt from above scenario is that our politicians are simply incapable of building a megadam of which feasibility was carried out in detail and of which tender documents were ready to be floated in 1985 when then the Prime Minister backed out of the project. Successive dictators also failed to build the dam which shows that we need another Ayub Khan to build a mega dam or to say a benevolent dictator to save this unfortunate nation from the twin menace of water and power crisis that are crippling our agriculture and industry at present. Dr. M Yaqoob Bhatti Lahore