After a long wait of about 8 days and after his luxury trip to France, our PM finally made a speech in the parliament on the Abbottabad issue. He spoke from a written script that was in English language which hardly 3 % of our nation understands. This speech was nothing but absolving everyone in the government and in the forces from the responsibility of this criminal security lapse. He repeated the same old song of past achievements of government, ISI and Army wherein the government handed over hundreds of Al-Qaida leaders and other terrorists to America. He also mentioned about the intelligence failure of CIA in 9/11 incident etc. But he never touched about the intrusion of four helicopters with elite troops of US Navy SEALs which was a direct attack on Pakistans sovereignty. He was not able to answer many questions which the nation wanted to know from the chief executive of the country. It appeared as if he was just completing the formality on someones pressure. A federal minister sitting just behind the PM was having a good nap as if he was least interested in his speech. In short the nation expected a better policy statement from the PM on this incident. The entire nation was glued to their TV sets to listen to the PM but it was a most disappointing speech that a PM of a country could make after such a serious incident. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA Lahore