ISLAMABAD - The Upper House of the Parliament was told on Tuesday that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani would not give a fresh policy statement before it on the May 2 US forces operation in Abbottabad that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Leader of the House Senator Nayyer Hussain Bokhari informed the chair that there was no need to give a new policy statement on the incident in the Upper House by the Prime Minister as he had already issued a statement in the Lower House of the Parliament. He further added, however, if the house wanted that the continued debate on the incident of killing of Osama bin Laden should be concluded by one of the cabinet members, it would be done by today. He gave these remarks when the chairman Senate inquired who would conclude the debate today? It was the demand of the legislators including the treasury as well as opposition benches during the current session that PM should come to the Senate and give a policy statement on the issue to take the parliamentarians into confidence. The lawmakers from both sides besides ruling PPP had staged a token walkout from the house the other day against, what they had said that Prime Minister was ignoring the Upper House. They on Monday had objected that PM had given a policy statement in the Lower House on the incident of al-Qaeda chiefs killing and did not bother to come to the Upper House. Earlier, the legislators while taking part in the debate on the incident of killing of Osama bin Laden termed the US naval seals operation in Abbottabad a direct attack on the sovereignty of the country and a threat to the national security. They demanded of the government to take up the issue before United Nations for violating the territorial jurisdiction of Pakistan by US. The senators also condemned the statement earlier issued by Foreign Office (FO) that US killed Obama according to its declared policy. Professor Ibrahim of JI and Tariq Azeem of PML-Q questioned the FO that if it was the declared policy of US then what was the declared policy of Pakistan about the issue? Professor Ibrahim also said that if it was the declared policy of US, then it was against the human rights and the legal norms as well as moral values. He criticised the FO saying that it was endorsing the point of view of the US and its statements are tantamount to become approver against the country premier intelligence agency ISI. President, Prime Minister and FO are becoming approver against ISI as they were endorsing US stance in their statements, he further said. He further inquired that that facts about the incident should be thoroughly probed quoting the statement of Iranian intelligence chief that Osama bin Laden had died earlier before this operation. He said that the nation was seeking resignations from PM, President and Chief of Army Staff (COAS). Senator Tariq Azeem while censuring the statement of Pakistani Ambassador in US Hussain Haqqani that some heads would be rolled after Osama killings probe said that he was 'US ambassador in US. He said that his head must be rolled as how could he ascertain that some heads would be rolled as no inquiry report has come yet. Interior Minister Rehman Malik in his statement given to the foreign media said that he had prior knowledge about the operation but he did not know the target, he said while criticising the ministers statement. However, Rehman Malik on the personal point of explanation clarified he had said in the statement that he had contacted DIG Hazara after 15 minutes when he heard the news about the crash of a helicopter. I never gave the statement that I had prior knowledge about the incident, he said. He also pointed out that Americans were being exempted from the normal requirements necessary for issuance of Pakistani visas and 400 visas had been issue to them in one go. The government had issued visas to 20 foreign journalists to cover the incident of al-Qaeda chiefs killing who were living in hotels in the capital, he informed the house adding that they would portray the wrong picture of the country when they would go back to their homes. However, Rehman Malik explained that any person irrespective of its nationality had the right to get Pakistani visa that met the conditions. Senator Lashkeri Riasani said that they should go to UN to tell the world that Pakistan was a sovereign state. He also suggested that the country should be purged of the Afghan refugees and Parliament should decide their fate. Seemi Siddiqui was of the view that they should review their defence and foreign policies. Pakistani Embassy in US has issued 7000 visas to foreigners while 1200 visas have been issued from Dubai embassy without proper security clearance and even on off days, she told the house. She also said that the house wanted to know that who was the beneficiary of head money announced for Osama bin Ladens killing. She proposed that National Security Council (NSC) should be made functional with some changes. Senator Saleh Shah said that local Taliban carried out all terrorism activities in the country and neither any foreigner was involved in these activities nor arrested. He said, however, US attacked these foreigners through drone attacks though they never remained a threat to the countrys national security. Haroon Akhtar said that US ditched Pakistan, its important ally in war on terror, by declaring the 'victory of Osamas killing alone only to exert pressure on Pakistan to do more. He said it should be inquired that how Osama reached a settled area like Abbottabad with three wives and many children after removing all hurdles and how it got 6-kanal land to build a compound with 8 feet high wall. The house also unanimously passed the General Statistics (Reorganization) Bill, 2011 for the reorganisation of statistical system in Pakistan before the chair announced to adjourn proceedings till Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.