For living a happy and tension free life, it is quite necessary that theenvironment surrounding us must also be serene and pleasant. But my question is: has the 170 million population of the country got such peaceful and tension free environment? While facingso many problems, human mind undergoes tremendous pressure and that pressure creates stress in ones body and mind. Same is the state of affairs with the Pakistani common man. Hunger, poverty, artificial hike in prices of commodities of daily use, unemployment, bomb explosions, lawlessness, etc. have engulfed the life of a common man of the country. All these problems have made his life miserable and he is worried about his meeting a one time meal for his family members living within these issues. Earning a livelihood for his family members has become an uphill task for him under the abovementioned circumstances and that state of affairs has made him a patient of depression. Mental pressure or depression has become a common disease in our society. One will definitely find a member of ones family really victim of this disease. Depression is not like other commondiseases. A patient of such disease shows an abrupt and instant reaction.So much so that hecan even commit suicide if the same gets serious. We can decrease the incidents of suicides by proper diagnosis of depression and its proper treatment. Depression starts from disappointment and sadness. The facilities for the treatment of patients of depression are not available in our country as against the pace with which such disease is increasing its tentacles. The worst is the situation in the government hospitals of the country where there are no experienced doctors or psychologists to deal with such typical disease. Government district hospitals of the country badly need such experienced doctors. There are many such physical diseases whose treatments rest upon psycho-therapy or proper counselling. It is, therefore, necessary that in all the hospitals of the country, including to those of rural areas, those doctors be appointed who are expert in dealing with the cases of depression and mental stress in a patient. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, May 7.