PMs speech in the assembly on OBL affair made me laugh and weep. It was so disgusting that I put my head in between my legs, totally out of shame and sheer embarrassment. My grandsons watching the Tv, having American citizenship were laughing, while I cried because of the poor contents. However my grandchildren were very happy that the speech was delivered in English, saying that the countrymen will understand it easily. I could only tell them that only 2-3% population could understand English. Whereas they claimed that all their citizens understand English language. They consoled with me finally when they understood the point and said that only 2% would have understood, anything worthwhile. All I could do was to pity and feel sorry for my PM. I think we deserve them because of our sins. Only Allah can save us from these callous, careless, corrupt so-called self serving leaders. Can we wish to deserve something better in these difficult times. Salman Babar Lahore