What a bloody shame it was to read a news of a young graduate from Muzzafarabad who failed to get a job for a pretty long time and his destitution ultimately compelled him to sell his blood to appease his and his family members' hunger. It ran my blood cold in my veins to read the said news. God knows better how many such poor unemployed young people who are reeling under the grinding poverty have resorted to this practice. On the other hand, the people in the upper echelon of our country are engaged in chicanery and circumlocutions in courts. I would humbly beseech Mr. Gilani, Mr. Zardari and Sharif brothers in particular to focus their attention towards the plight of the poorest of the poor in our society. When every citizen of Pakistan has to pay the debt of Rs. 57000 to World Bank and other institutions, the leaders should spare a thought for those brethren in the same country who are committing suicides due to crass poverty. They should think about those who are selling their children due to abject penury. They must see those people in their country who sell their blood to buy bread. Allah does not need rituals but holds us responsible to serve the humanity.