US drone, on Saturday, hit at Darai Nashtar area near Miran Shah in North Waziristan killing more than ten people while Pakistan’s Foreign Office, as usual, condemned the US drone strike and called violation of international rules. US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, the former CIA chief and architect of CIA spy system in Pakistan, has stated that drone strikes will continue regardless of Islamabad’s anger. There is no doubt that US drones are striking our soil with the consent of our stakeholders. In addition, America is pressing hard Pakistan for resumption of opening Nato supply route to Afghanistan. Still, we are making compromises and closing our eyes like an ostrich that buries its head in the sand.

Our Pathans are the veritable strength of Pakistan. We must understand the tribal system of tribes first. Pathans are warriors and each one of them is equipped with modern weapons. We must negotiate with them and give tribesmen some concessions in the larger interest of the country. It is also believed that the government itself in the past, succumbing to US pressure, sabotaged peace agreements with the militants. Now, our parliament has approved new terms of engagement with America that also calls for an end to drone attacks. Sadly, not only the government but also all the political parties avoid direct confrontation with America.

America itself is negotiating with Taliban but we, by launching military operations in the tribal areas are playing with fire. Drone attacks are counterproductive and strengthen militant’s hands and eventually benefits the enemy. Earlier, we had made a wrong decision of conducting military action in South Waziristan and still are paying the price. We must keep in mind the consequences of our wrong decisions. US is pushing us in the constant war on the Durand line that would never come to an end. Why don’t we respond to US aggression? What are our forces for?


Multan, May 8.