May 2, 2011 was a dark day in the history of Pakistan when the US forces violated Pakistani borders and carried out the operation on Osama bin Laden in the heart of Abbottabad where the entire nation’s sovereignty, independence, honour and strength of the armed forces was challenged within a time span of merely 90 minutes. Just a year has gone by and the demands from the US regarding the arrest of al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri have started to pour in. The US believes that he is in Pakistan. The demand rises in significance when spoken in the company of the Indian Prime Minister on Indian soil. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke plainly in asking Pakistan to do more, eliminate terrorist elements from Pakistan, and hand over evidence regarding Hafiz Saeed. The US has been pressurising Pakistan to do more even after having admitted that Pakistan has suffered the most in the war on terror. It is my humble request as a devoted citizen of Pakistan to the people in charge of the Abbottabad Commission to fasten their pace, submit the findings, and punish those responsible for the entire fiasco. Our president, prime minister and foreign minister should send a clear message to the US that another attack in search of anyone on Pakistani soil would not be tolerated at any cost. ARFAH FAIQ,  Karachi, May 7.