As a result of what can be best termed as ‘Indian water terrorism’ another important river Ravi has gone dry. Taking undue advantage of Indus Waters Treaty and by building small and big dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan, India seems to be bent upon making Pakistan a desert land. And what is most unfortunate is that instead of taking up the matter at all available international forums, Pakistan is engaged in making one gesture after another to please New Delhi. By diverting Ravi water into Chenab through a recently built canal, India would be using the water which is otherwise our share of water. India is producing 12,700MW of electricity by building dams on these rivers. On Chenab alone, work on 250 small dams is in the final stages while 74 big dams are in various stages of completion. The irony is that India has offered us 5000MW of electricity for sale.

It is being increasingly felt that had Pakistan opted for building Kalabagh Dam, the situation would have been drastically different from what is being experienced today. This is a sad reflection on the power that be that instead of giving priority to the national interest, it has listened to vested interests and buried the Kalabagh project. One can only hope that better sense prevails and the files of Kalabagh Dam are reopened to immediately start its construction.