The Sindh National Front led by Mumtaz Bhutto has finally merged with the PML-N. This is being seen as a good omen for a party that was trying hard to regain foothold in the nationalist parties of Sindh province. Mumtaz Bhutto’s party is regarded as a breakaway faction of the PPP. This development would pave the way for the nationalist forces to become part of the mainstream political process. Political observers are of the view that Sharifs would adopt similar approach in Balochistan and KPK and form alliance with nationalist parties to confront the PPP and its allies.

With rampant corruption and bad governance of the rulers, there is a dire need for opposition parties to join hands to kick them out of power and take reins of government to provide some relief to the people from the skyrocketing prices and the evil of gas and electricity load-shedding. The PML-N leadership must explore the possibility of bringing into their fold the PML-Q which is its natural ally. If Amir Muqaam and Marvi Memon can rejoin the PML-N, why can the Chaudhry brothers not be accepted? Politics is a game of compromises. After all, President Zardari put aside his spouse’s letter holding Chaudhrys responsible for her likely murder and made Q-League part of the ruling coalition. Sharifs could follow suit to the detriment of PPP’s interests.