The promise made by Nawaz Sharif of another grandiose project, a bullet train to run from Peshawar to Karachi, if he returned to power seems more ridiculous than all his other promises. Pakistan is facing such severe energy crises that children are dying in hospitals, people are jobless and cannot sleep at night and he plans on giving us a bullet train that runs on electricity! I would like to ask him where he will get the electricity.

People are afraid of the high circular debt of 700 billion rupees, which has made it next to impossible to foot the bill of thermal units, that require virtually import of Rs two billion worth of fuel each day. I just wish that the Sharif brothers could lead the life of the ordinary man for one single day, without the huge generators at their residences providing them electricity 24/7. Though he has risen from the working class people maybe he has forgotten his past, or perhaps times were not so bad when he was young, and not so rich. Now his head is full of air and in the clouds most of the time. He has no realistic approach and is not ready to face it.

The fate of our electric railway engines is a lesson to be learnt from, which are lying as scrap today, due to lack of power. Even the overhead wire and electric poles have been pilfered by thieves and the remaining trains are forced to run on diesel, which is always in short supply. Our leaders ought to make viable promises to the not so gullible public, which is suffering from lack of hydel power which is the only panacea for our power shortages. I wish he ought to have shown some vision and promised instead the immediate construction of Kalabagh dam. It is only if we have power and energy can we have bullet trains.


Lahore, May 8.