Fashion is an evolving subject. It changes with time. A fashion evolution is brewing up in Pakistan with upcoming new trends , designers and cuts. There was the time when in past 20 years, there were only few top designers which were followed by specific class but for last few year Pakistani fashion industry has moved from the embryonic stage to a blossoming take-off. Fashion designers have contributed substantially to the spread of fashion as a driving force, both among Pakistani consumers and international too. Our mostly  designers have diversified into prêt, making fashion accessible to all, where as  couture is also seeing a lot of bold, contemporary cuts and silhouettes.

Every designer offers an array of choices in prints, silhouettes, embellishments and colours. With the new trend of fast fashion, designers are bringing something new every season keeping in line with the new youthful culture.   

From fresh perspective from short shirts, cropped tops to pop art, see summer 2014 , most noteworthy trends :

Comic Art:

This is the most striking trend of the year. The funky rendition of pop art is taking over the world crazily.  Elan has used this trend in her collection very brilliantly and made an outstanding contemporary collection. MK Nation and T.G.I.F latest summer collection is also based on comic art having graphic patterns, painterly prints and surreal silhouettes.

Tailored Trousers:

 Summers are about tailored trousers, cigarette pants and tights. If you pairing up for straight long or short shirt, eastern tops or angrakha style shirt,  the trousers in all likelihood will be straight. Almost every designer and brand has gone for this trend. Designer such as Nida Azwer, Chen One, Karma Pink, Sanam Chaudhri lastest summer collection, Sania Masktaiya, Nickie Nina, Maria, Zara Shahjhan, Gul Ahmed , Beach Tree, Kayseria, Khaddi and Generation has this trend in the trousers. 

Chic Jackets:

If you are looking for a seasonally less restrictive style, jacket is the ideal choice, you can wear it with everything from harem pants to a short kurta. Many designers brought embellished jackets in this excruciating summer. Body Focus Museum, Nida Azwer, Maria B , HSY and Shehla Chahtor have made impressive jackets so don’t be afraid of trying them. Kayseria has also brought this style with their clothes. Go for their fashionable jackets too. 

Long Dresses:

This trend is perhaps the perfect fusion of East and West. Comfortable, stunning and fashionable dress for summer! They have always been in trend because long dresses come in all different shapes and styles. This trend has also been seen in weddings too and in this hot season who would mind wearing flowing dresses. For elegant and dazzling dresses, you should look HSY, MK Nation,  Khaddi Khas, Sheehla Chahtor, Muse, Elan, Zara Shahjahn , Nida Azwer and Teena by Hina Butt collections.

Cropped Tops :

The crop top trend is not for everyone. This trend has come a long way from its late 1990s Spice Girls and now it’s again in fashion. You will see this fashion in almost every designer like Elan, Muse, Nicikie Nina, Khaadi khaas & Sania Maskatiya & Roodaba Omer. This trend is inclined to pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt or trousers. There is no doubt that the crop top is often a fashion trend that is feared by many but this season’s choices make it easier to embrace this tricky style statement.

Saris :

Saris trend is timeless and ageless and always makes you stand out of the crowd. This ethnic trend personifies beauty, elegance and simplicity. Designers like HSY, Shehla Chatoor, Nida Azwer and Fahad Hassyun have stylish and classy saris in their collections.

Volume Skirts:

Volume Skirts are a truly classic trend of this season makes a statement on its own. With bright colours and distinctive patterns they seem to be popular on the runways this year. Designers such as HSY, Elan, Karma and Muse gave this vintage trend a modern twist. Pair your Volume skirt with a cropped top or a jacket. Versatile and transitional, the volume shirt is a must have for any formal event.


This vintage trend is back again with bang. This trend is always very attractive.  Adnan Pardesy and Karma Pink have brought this trend back by using old world gota. Their collection shows the beauty and versatility of gota.

Jump it Up

Jumpsuits have taken summer fashion by storm. Every designer is designing it now with a new style and design. Bring out your boldest look with jumpsuits. It’s little trendier and a bit different.  This is the look you need to try on, try as many shapes and styles as possible. From skin tight, to culottes to one shouldered and backless, there are lots of styles out there, you just need to find which one suits you. You can find it out almost from every designer.

Monochromic Madness:

This trend is pretty easy to pull off whatever the season. In summer’s designer have played with this trend in every possible silhouette. From very Eastern to Modern, from short lengths to long we have seen this trend a lot. So have a cool style with monochrome designs. Love the combination of classic black and crispy white. These two colours will never run out of style. This year, Sania MaskatiyaKuamka: Awakening’ collection had some amazing monochorema prints. Deepak Perwani collection ‘Tre’s Chic – Extension’ infused this print in his jacket, bags, pants and tops. We also saw this trend in Saira Shakira’s collection, ‘The Circus’. 

Go Floral:

Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of spring and summer. If you are looking for amazing floral print then you should check Five Star Vogue and Chen One and Nimsay collection. You will definitely like their prints.

Bug Prints:  

Internationally this trend caught the attention of fashion lovers. Our designers have also picked up this trend. Nida Azwer and Zara Shahjhan project their own unique take on this trend. Nida Azwer, mixed her Bug prints with her remaining ‘very Safari inspired’ collection in her usual muted way. Whereas Zara Shahjahan on the other hand seemed like a woman on a mission with her colourful bugs mixed and matched with her brightly coloured floral collection. MK nation collection