LAHORE - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the country cannot afford the politics of protests at this stage when the government is solving serious national problems and its efforts are bearing fruits.
The prime minister, who held a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at Jati Umra, said if any political party has grievance of any sort, the forum of parliament is available to get the remedy.
Referring to the PTI protest, Nawaz Sharif said that instead of protesting on the road, the opposition party should come to the parliament if it has any complaint against anything. He said that masses are well aware of the government efforts to steer the country out of the problems galore and put it on the development track. The time is not far off when the people would have all problems including loadshedding resolved, he said.
During the meeting, prime minister and the chief minister exhaustively reflected on the political situation, development projects in Punjab and other matters of national concern. According to sources, the meeting also considered the PTI and the PAT protests and both had one mind that these parties would not be barred from holding the protest shows however no one would be allowed to flout the law and order.
The chief minister said that protest is a democratic right of everyone but those who under the cloak of protest want to get their nefarious political gains served and sabotage the democratic process, are by no means well wishers of the people. “We cannot allow such people to play their game.”
He warned against taking the law into hand during the protest and added the protesting parties are in fact disserving the country as their show was quite uncalled for. The protest or difference of opinion is the beauty of democracy but the protesting party must also search its soul as to what good it delivered to the masses they were ruling over, Shahbaz said in reference to PTI, which is ruling in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Speaking on the inauguration of the extension project of Ittefaq Masjid, Model Town, PM Nawaz Sharif said that his government will not let any stone unturned to live up to expectations of the people. He said they were using every means to solve the problems and meet the serious challenges facing the country. He said their intentions are quite sincere towards making the country prosperous and developed.