ISLAMABAD- Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan , whose party is holding a major anti-rigging rally in Islamabad today, says today's downpour in the federal capital is a blessing of God.
“Allah has blessed us with rain and cool temperatures today. PMLN cannot stop r workers, through pressure & force, from reaching D Chowk,” said the PTI Chief in his message on Twitter. Khan says ‘fearful’ government is stopping PTI workers from reaching the rally . “PMLN's desperate efforts to stop PTI workers from reaching Islamabad shows their utter fear their massive electoral fraud will be exposed. May Allah keep all are workers safe as they overcome hurdles to reach D chowk & assert their democratic right to protest for justice.” said Imran Khan .
“Reports coming from all over Punjab abt government thru DCOs & police using pressure to stop people from coming for our protest. Please take pictures and send them to us,” Khan said on Twitter. PTI chief Imran Khan has warned that the government would be held responsible for any agitation or anarchy if the party supporters were stopped from participating in the rally against irregularities in last year’s general elections. Khan blames the ruling PML-N for massive rigging in Punjab, the stronghold of Nawaz Sharif’s politics. He says the PTI is protesting against 'judiciary’s failure' to give justice to the party. May 11 marks the passage of a year since the 2013 general elections.