Gone are the days when it was assumed that fashion was the right of women only and men were supposed to abstain from being fashionable and trendy. The time has changed and fashion fad men have become equally acceptable as for a woman. Designers who once used to design only women dresses have also started to design men’s dresses not only for special occasions but also for professional and day-to-day life. Similarly the accessories for men are also increasing day by day and contribute to men’s fashion trends . Every season brings new trends with it and men’s top brands and designers introduce new styles for men to make them trendier.

Once men’s fashion wears were limited in colours but there is no restriction of colours now. Markets are full of colourful, trendier and stylish clothes for men. Now men like to adore these dresses not only on special occasions but also in their professional and day-to-day life. Even the traditional dresses like Kurta Shalwar have multiple styles. All these changes have brought elegance to men’s wear. In fact Pakistani men’s style world is worthy to explore.

Pakistani fashion designers for men’s like HSY, Deepak Perwani, Ali Xeeshan, Republic by Omer Farooq, Humayun Alamgir, Arsalan Iqbal, Nabeel & Aqeel and Rizwan Baig are also contributing a lot and introducing various designs from prêt to couture. For example, the Nabeel & Aqeel was perhaps the first to start the finest men's' wear in the country. They are considered ultra modern, futuristic yet classy in their vision. Focusing particularly on men’s fashionable clothing like blazers and casual jackets, in multiple designs and variety of patterns, Nabeel & Aqeel have carved their collection for offices and corporate parties. Same is the case with other designers. What is unique about these designers is that they are creating absolutely world class designs according to the latest fashion trends in international market. These dresses are not only doing well in our local market but are also competing on world level. These dresses are trendier and customised according to our culture and traditions.

Besides designers there are many brands for men’s wearing like Royal Tag, Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop, Focus, and Charcoal which introduce stylish shirts and trendy trousers in every season. Once men used to avoid bright colours but now those bright colours give a unique look. Now bright and feminine colours in suits and ties are more acceptable than it used to be in the past. There is a wide range such ties and suits available in the market.

What is more promising to men’s fashion is that it has got its roots in casual wearing also. Designers and different brands while designing dresses for formal occasions also concentrate on casual and informal dresses. There is a wide range of variety in jeans and other clothes. For example, Uniworth which was once considered a good brand for formal dressing of men is considered equally good in casual dressings. It gives a wide range of T-Shirts which are unique not only in colours but also in cuts and shape. Similarly, Leisure Club presents excellent dresses of every season be it summer or winter. There are many other such brands which are considered good and famous among men who love to wear trendy dresses.

Famous Trends

It is significant to highlight some famous trends in men’s wear in which they can look truly stylish. Here are some notable trends you'll want to keep in mind and will love to wear for this season.

Soft power

Say good-bye to the stiff power suit. The new tailoring emphasized fluid lines, softer fabrics, longer jackets, and looser pants. Such suits give relax and comfortable look and are making inroads in fashion.

Mid-century modern

There have been some perfectly awesome trousers, shirts and coats on the catwalks at the PFDC men's collections. At first look such suits may give an old fashioned look but in fact they are given ultra modern look. Such suits are also very common in informal get together.

Creative twist to corporate attire

People who are working in more formal atmosphere wear well tailored suits. They wear fit suits of fine fabric which gives them more attentive look. Such dressing is also good in formal meetings and boardrooms because wearing well-tailored suits adds confident and the speaker least bothers that how he would be looking before others.

No tie no problem

There is no problem if you are not wearing a tie. Rather it gives a trendy look. Many designers and celebrities skip ties when give public appearances. Some people who wear ties lose ties in summer can skip it now because it is no more considered awkward. It is worth mentioning that it suits mostly to slim and smart people.

Ever green & bright colours

Whether it is winter or summer, Black and blue are ever-green colours for men. These two colours never go out of fashion in any season. Even though sizzling summer is ahead but black is still very much in fashion and designer are using black colours in their collections. Similarly, famous men’s brands also use these two colours very often in their new arrivals.

Colourful ties

Bright colourful ties like orange, pink, maroon are very popular among men. During night function such ties give a marvellous look especially when worn with a dark toned suit. Different designers showcased multi-coloured ties at PFDC.

Steeped in tradition

Kurta Shalwar is our traditional dress which never faded out. Previously men used to wear simple colours having earthy tones dominant in those. But now designers and different bands have revolutionised kurta shalwar in designing and colours. Some designers like HSY, Deepak Perwani have given different stylish looks to shalwar. Their dresses have their own sophistication Similarly, Bareeze for Men offers best of kurta styles and designs which add elegance and charm their looks. Trendy kurtas are dyed in masculine tones like black, white, maroon, grey, mustard, and peach. Bareeze collections are made beautiful with exquisite embellishments done on necklines.