BUREWALA: A cognitively challenged teenage girl was raped and tortured to death, by a fake spiritual healer (Aamil) today. 

Police said that Bhagan Bibi w/o Muhammad Yaseen Jatt hailing from Chak No 56/12-L of Burewala, took her 16-year-old daughter Sara to a spiritual healer, some five days ago as she was mentally disorder girl with chronic stomach pain.

16 years old girl was allegedly raped and tortured to death by the fake Aamil at Chak No. 56/12L; the victim family buried the girl declaring it order of almighty, sources reported.

The fake spiritual healer, identified as Pir Jindwada, asked the girl’s mother that her daughter is under the shadow of evil spirits (jinnat). He asked the mother if he could take her daughter with him to his dera, as it requires four days for spiritual process and only then the evil spirits will run away.

The mother along with her daughter, went to residence of the fake spiritual healer where he kept them in separate room. There he continued to rape and torture the mentally retarded girl for four days in the name of dealing with evil spirits, resultantly she died on the fourth day.

The parents of the family brought her dead body in the village and late in the night buried after performing religious rituals. The villagers asked the parents to report the matter to police, but they declared it order of the Almighty.

The people of the area have demanded of the district administration and police to take stern action against the fake spiritual healer and should investigate the matter to reveal the truth.