LAHORE - Defending his son and political heir, PML-Q senior leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi insisted yesterday that Moonis Elahi had nothing to do with offshore accounts revealed by Panama Papers.

Moonis Elahi’s name appeared in the second list of Panama Papers on number 21 among 258 Pakistanis having offshore accounts.

Pervaiz, addressing a press conference at his residence to plead the case of his son, said, “Reality and truth cannot be concealed forever and truth will come out definitely. The rulers will have to account for their deeds.”

“I strongly contradict news published in the newspapers regarding Moonis Elahi and my other family members.”

“Some daily wagers (ministers) of the Media Cell established in the Prime Minister’s House keep on trying to involve Moonis and my other colleagues in Panama Papers disclosures,” insisted the PML-Q leader.

“The ruling party is trying to divert people’s attention from their misdeeds by such tactics. They first made a bid to involve Moonis in offshore companies issue in 2013 to gain cheap election mileage,” he added.

It would be better for the prime minister to tender resignation after the Panama Leaks, he said.

Responding to a question, Pervaiz said opposition was united over probe into Panama leaks. “A political group or individual in the opposition if goes against it would lose his political career like Rafiq Bajwana who parted ways with the opposition during Pakistan National Alliance drive in late 70s.

According to Panama Papers available on ICIJ website, Moonis is the sole proprietor of an offshore company in British Virgin Islands. The company was established in 2006.

The address provided for the company is Ch Zahoor Elahi Road, which is the lane of Chaudhrys of Gujrat family in the provincial capital.

The issue of Moonis’ offshore company was first surfaced during 2013 general elections campaign.