LAHORE - A visual arts and graphic design degree show by Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) kicked off at Alhamra Arts Council on Wednesday.

Some 40 female students showcased their work in the fields of Animation, Interactive Design, Product Branding and Digital Photography.

Head of Department, Aisha Saddiqa said that they hoped that these LCWU young graduates would work as leading graphic designers in Pakistan and play a vital role in the economic development of the country.

The graphic design thesis was supervised by Ayesha Bilal and Animation by Iqra Mushtaq and Nida Ijaz.

Sana Azmat, whose work was displayed at the degree show, said that her thesis was based on revival of theatre art. “Revival is a restaging of a stage production after its original run has closed,” she told The Nation.

“Initially the plays were all about the independence and injustice committed by Muslims by Hindus and Sikhs but this gradually began to change. The current trend is specifically Pakistani move in to many different genres.

“My work is based on how it develops our interest today. How it has forgotten nowadays. How revival of theatre art according to me will take place,” she added.

Another student, Kiran Shahzad shared that her thesis work was based on ‘Awareness about suicide’. “Through my research, I have found there are no such NGO’s working on suicide issues in Pakistan.

“My thesis will suggest that government introduced a new platform named ‘UJALA foundation’. Through this platform, I will create awareness and a sense of creativity in young minds. My campaign aims to illuminate the mind of teenagers with positive approach of life, thus illuminating the distress which they have been trapped with during the current harsh circumstances in the society,” Kiran told The Nation.

Mahnoor Gul displayed a mini school to guide the upcoming generation about manners. Family values have changed dramatically in the past few decades, producing a crop of undisciplined teenagers and children who lack morals and manners as a result of poor training.

“My thesis is based on good manners which was once the norm with young people very much aware by the older generation,” she said.

The degree show will continue

till May 12th.