MIRPURKHAS - Secretary General of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) Shah Muhammad Owais Noorani has said that honest elected representatives could only hold dacoits and thieves accountable, and hoped that masses would reject those fake coins in general elections in 2018.

He was speaking at the Imam Noorani seminar held here on Wednesday that was attended by a large number of office- bearers and workers.

He said that those who had looted the country’s resources could never be well-wishers of the country.

He asserted that fate of the country could not be changed without imposition of Nizam e Mustafa.

He said that his party will enthusiastically participate in the next general elections, and that workers should start making preparations and deliver message of Allama Shah Ahmed Noorani by going door to door. Pir Agha Muhammad Ayub Jan Sarhandi said that noblest deeds of Allama Shah Ahmed Noorani were to get Islamic sections inserted in the constitution of the country and playing his role in declaring Qadyanis as non-Muslims. He lamented that after his death there was no person in the country who could raise voice for the rights of underprivileged.

 He stressed the need for raising voice for the rights of people.

Those who also spoke at the seminar included general secretary Ittihad Ahle Sunnat Mirpurkhas Usman Amir Abbasi, district president JUP Mirpurkhas Allama Muhammad Ashraf Raza Barelvi, vice president Allama Hakim Ali Gashkori, general secretary Muhammad Raqeeb Mughal and Moulana Abbas Qadri.