MANDI BAHAUDDIN-Two councilors of Municipal Committee on Wednesday criminally assaulted Chairman Haji Nasir while he was working at MC office here on Wednesday.

According to the chairman, he was working in his office. In the meantime, Naeem Maiken and Javed Kakoana from opposition armed with fire weapons entered his office and started beating him with punches and fists that hit his left eye, forehead and other parts of the body. Thereafter, he alleged, they dragged him out of the office in an attempt to abduct him with an intention to kill him. He said on his making hue and cry, the MC employees rushed to save him. When asked about his further action, he said that he had informed Punjab Minister for Women Empowerment Hamida Waheed who is at Lahore. She is coming back and on her arrival the question of lodging FIR would be decided, he further said.

Till filing this report, no FIR of the incident was registered. However, the supporters of the chairman assembled in hundreds and staged demonstration in front of Press Club to condemn the incident. They were carrying banners demanding DC, DPO and Commissioner take action against the culprits for injuring and attempting to abduct the chairman.

PESS TO CONTEST ELECTIONS: Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) formed an Ehtisab Group as a platform for the deprived segments of society to contest next general elections.

The group was formed during a district council meeting of the PESS wherein all the neglected and deprived segments of the society were invited to join it. The participants were of the opinion that all the political parties in the country are dynastic domains of their respective heads. These heads are joined by wealthy people of the country to promote and protect their businesses and industrial empires. They have been exploiting the poor in the name of democracy and Islam but practically their energies have been focused on building their industrial empires by exploiting the poor. Under these circumstances, there appears no use to support main stream political parties, they said, adding that it is better the poor including labourers and farmers, form a group to nominate their own candidates to contest the upcoming general elections. For the purpose, they can use the platform of Ehtisab Group, they announced.