LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has condemned what he called the prime minister’s eagerness to promote family terms with Indian counterpart by sending gifts.

“It is shameful that our prime minister is sending saris and mangoes to Modi (Indian PM) to promote his family links with him at a time when the brutalities of Indian army have crossed all limits in Held Kashmir,” Siraj observed while holding meeting with Mishal Malk, spouse of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malk, Wednesday.

Mishal visited Mansora and discuss Kashmir situation with JI leaders including Samia Raheel Qazi, daughter of JI late chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed. Siraj said that the Kashmiris were fighting the war of the completion of Pakistan but the rulers in Islamabad were totally indifferent and were practically betraying the just cause of the Kashmiris. He said that the Indian occupation army was firing pellet guns on Kashmiri children and women besides using prohibited ammunition in the valley but the United Nations and the world community were completely silent.  The JI chief said the Kashmir issue was a threat to the world peace and it must be resolved through tripartite dialogue and in the light of the UN resolutions.

He said that India was trying hard to crush the freedom movement in Held Kashmir. Indian forces had killed around 100,000 Kashmiris while thousands had been rendered crippled.  He said the Indian troops entered the houses of the Kashmiris on the pretext of search and tortured the womenfolk.

The Kashmiri women were disgraced and confined in torture cells but the world conscience was not moved.