KASUR-With the arrival of summer, unscheduled loadshedding has been started in the city and surroundings, which has not only hit the industrial output hard but also has left the citizens with severe scarcity of water.

A survey report conducted by this correspondent reveals that the Lesco is conducting loadshedding of up to 12 hours in urban areas where the situation is worst in the rural areas where villagers are faced with 16 hours of power outages.

During the survey, residents of different areas said that the Lesco has failed to prove its tall claims regarding uninterrupted power supply, saying the government seems unable to overcome the energy crisis. “The claim to end loadshedding by 2018 is a false slogan, which the rulers are using only to console the public,” they claimed, adding had the government been sincere with the public, it would never have test the public patience by conducting prolonged and unscheduled power cuts. They demanded Federal Minister for Water and Power Khwaja Asif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to look into the matter and fulfil their promise regarding uninterrupted power supply.

On other side, the transport mafia in Kasur has geared up to establish a new bus terminal in front of Old Lorry Adda Road in order to foil its affectivity.

It has been learnt that the government had built a bus terminal in Kasur city at a cost of millions of rupees about 5 years ago. The reason behind building the bus terminal was to get the public rid of frequent masses in the city. With the establishment of the terminal, all the buses and passenger vehicles began staying at the terminal and the small bus stands across the city vacated. It also provided the people with an opportunity to heave a sigh of relief as it gave a significant decrease in traffic jams. But now the transport mafia has geared up for building a new bus terminal in order to foil affectivity of the old one. Social and political figures demanded the government not to allow the transporters to build new bus terminal in the city. They said that it will again give rise to traffic mess in the city and will add to the public woes.