LAHORE (PR) -  More than 67 percent of the civil work on Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project has so far been executed including completion of a bridge on Lahore Ring Road near Quaid-e-Azam Interchange for elevated viaduct for the train, which had been constructed up to a length of eight kilometers along package-I of the project.

Chairman of steering committee for the project Khawaja Ahmad Haassan informed this during the weekly progress review meeting here Wednesday.

The meeting was told progress on package-I from Dera Gujjaran, G.T.Road to Chouburji was 82 per cent, on package-II from Choburji to Ali Town was 50 per cent, on Depot near Dera Gujran was 73 per cent while on Stabling Yard near Ali Town it was 63.5 per cent.

The meeting was informed that all the 341 transom and 670 U-tub girders required for construction of elevated viaduct along package-I have been precast while 292 out of these transoms and 518 U-tub girders have been launched for constructing eight kilometers long elevated track.

For Package II, form works to precast transoms and U-tubs girders, required for construction of elevated train, have been imported and precast activity for transoms have been started. Deadline for completing construction work of four stations of this package, Chauburji, Gulshan Ravi, Samanabad and Bund Road has been set for 15 June while the remaining nine stations will be completed till 15 July. Khawaja Ahmad Haassan directed for gearing up construction activity on package-II and employment of more labour for this purpose.

He called upon all the relevant departments as well as the contractors for getting their staff trained by Resue 1122 for adopting safety measure in case of any untoward incident.