Kandhkot - Unannounced, prolonged loadshedding in various areas of Kashmore and Kandhkot has become order of the day.

Around 16 to 18 hours of loadshedding has paralyzed the socio-economic activities in these cities. Due to frequent power breakdown, flour mill and factory owners have no other choice but to use generators, which also adds to the burden on the citizens. Power outages also cause colossal loss to the businesses. It is an irony that despite 6 to 7 hours of loadshedding, consumers are still forced to pay inflated bills.  Residents of various localities, Madrasa Mohallah, Gulsher Mohallah, Gharibabad, Hindu Mohallah and others staged a sit- in to record their protest against and unannounced power outages. The protestors raised slogans voices against SEPCO authorities. Addressing the protestors, Ali Raza, Ghulam Abbas , Abdur Rahim, Nek Mohammad , Lala Saleem and others complained that there was no water in their houses and other areas owing to prolonged power breakdown. They said that despite making complaints to Wapda authorities on several occasions, their problem was never resolved. They finally demanded from the concerned authorities to end 16 to 18 hours of loadshedding, warning that otherwise they would surround the SEPCO’s head office.