Islamabad - Has failed in providing computer books to the primary level students enrolled in 423 public sector educational institutions, said an official on Thursday.

The official said that computer was a compulsory subject, from prep to grade five, in the course list of capital’s government educational institutions, but the FDE has still not provided the course books.

The official said that thousands of fresh admissions are taken in Federal Government (F.G) and Model educational institutions functional under FDE and every year the department fails to provide course books in the given time.

Official added that the ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) and FDE signed a number of agreements with public and private sector to promote computer education at primary level, but delayed the basic step of the provision of books in the institutions.

In addition to unavailability of course books, computer labs have also not been established in all primary level educational institutions. 

According to him, CADD and Ministry of Information and Technology (IT) signed the agreement of provision of computers in the girls’ schools but a large number of educational institutions have still not been provided with the facility.

The official informed that according to the policy, female teachers on contract were hired to teach the computer subject at primary level but the non-availability of books and computers are creating problems in the institutions.

The official said that the policy was introduced without any consultation with teachers and later it resulted in increasing the course burden on students and teachers both.

“Five classes are given to one teacher for teaching computer with no books,” said the official.

He also said that the course burden on junior students is affecting the extracurricular activities of the students.

“Junior students are seen carrying heavy bags and books while the academic course they have to study is also very difficult for them,” said the official.

“Junior section from prep to 5 has become an experimental lab for the ministry and FDE, as grants are availed but not utilized properly through a comprehensive strategy,” he said.

The official also added that along with the computer course books there is a shortage of other course books in FDE institutions.

President Federal Government Teachers Association (FGTA) Malik Amir Khan said that increased number of courses have increased the burden on junior section students.

“Government must take input from teachers while including the new subjects,” he said.

Acting DG FDE Dr. Tariq Masood talking to The Nation said that computer books were not being provided because the matter was subjudice. However, the stay has been vacated and books will be provided in the next week.

He said that 80percent of the stock has reached and the distribution will start soon. Dr. Tariq also said that since computer is a technical subject the course needs to be taught by specialist teachers and labs.

He also said that above 80percent books of other subjects are also provided to educational institutions and the shortage will be filled very soon.

He said that earlier FDE was restricted from taking books from National Book Foundation only, however after the lifting of the ban, the department covered the gap by publishing the books from private publishers.