The membership drive of PTI has attracted the attention of a huge amount of people. Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan kept on addressing smaller and bigger rallies and depicted the prevailing political situation in accordance to his own way. Throughout his membership drive, he introduced party’s candidates for the upcoming general elections.

Setting aside, Khan’s political ideology and other features of these rallies, it has been proved that he is a versatile leader who has ability to attract the masses. For any leader, addressing the rallies and convey the political message this way might not be a plain sailing task. Imran Khan covered almost the entire Central Punjab – the part of Pakistan which has monumental say in Pakistan’s politics. PTI Central Punjab President Abdul Aleem Khan remained with him throughout the campaign.

Khan rightly said that this was going to be the largest membership campaign by any political party. He has also claimed that this campaign will encompass the entire country. For him, covering the entire Pakistan might not be possible, and this is not even possible for anyone else. The crucial thing which can be extracted from these rallies is his bravery to step out of his comfort zone and address the public gatherings. He is a national leader and addressing people this way gives a depiction of a leader who is direly dedicated to his cause. Undoubtedly, he compromised his safety and security for attending gatherings this way.

On the other side, this also shows the love people of Pakistan give to the leader who comes among them. The result of these rallies can better be observed in the upcoming general elections. Right now, nothing can be said in this regard. It is true that the nation loves the leader who loves and spends time among them. Furthermore, his attending rallies gives more power to the nation. In the democratic setup, the proximity of the masses and the political leaders is ensured by all possible means. In connection with this, the other political parties should follow suit.


Lahore, April 18.