LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that the PML-N by the dint of extraordinary performance and service to the masses will surely win the next general elections with thumping majority.

“The PML-N will win the next elections with thumping majority on the basis of its immaculate performance,” said the chief minister while talking to federal ministers and the party parliamentarians at Punjab House, Islamabad yesterday.

He said PML-N government had rendered yeoman service for the eradication of terrorism and energy crisis from the country. He pointed out that thousands of megawatts electricity was being produced in Punjab and the people from across the country were benefitting from this facility which had been arranged by spending billions of rupees. He said PML-N government had started thousands of development projects aimed at improving the lot of the masses and this had yielded positive results in shape of enhancing the standard of life.  “The government has accorded equal opportunities to everybody to benefit from its policies through a coordinated vision of composite development of urban and rural areas,” he said.

“We have also provided more than 42 percent development funds to the southern Punjab while opponents continued to waste the time of the people with their hollow slogans. We have fulfilled the right of public service through our dedicated efforts,” he claimed.

Shehbaz maintained that standard of southern Punjab hospitals was no less than the hospitals of developed countries. A successful experiment had been made by managing pathology labs and CT scan machines in collaboration with the private sector in Layyah, Vehari and other districts.

“Now, medical tests of the patients will be conducted free of cost and Punjab government will pay the fees of pathology tests. He said that latest mobile health units, mobile biomechanical workshops, incinerators and provision of high-quality medicines were the gifts of the PML-N to the people.

“People have been served by us and we will continue to serve them in future as well,” he added. Credit also goes to the PML-N government for allocating 20 percent employment quota for southern Punjab districts. Similarly, people of southern Punjab have been given preference under the quota in different initiatives including laptops, scholarships and Apna Rogzar Scheme. Along with it, thousands of kilometer long roads have been constructed in cities and rural areas of southern Punjab to benefit crores of people living there.

The chief minister lamented that the elements which used every tactics to stop the development process in their tenure and left no stone unturned to deprive the masses of the fruits of development schemes, were now claiming to be the champions of public welfare. He made it clear that voters could not be deceived through hollow claims and attractive slogans as they would cast their votes on the basis of performance only.

“We have utilised national resources with utmost honesty and dedication for public welfare and due to it; public representatives of the PML-N have emerged as winners. Due to marvelous record of public service, we will achieve success from every constituency in the upcoming elections,” he said.

The chief minister said that PML-N leaders and workers who had remained firmly attached with their political commitment and ideology were a precious asset of the party. People also welcomed such sincere and dedicated political leaders, he added. Shehbaz alleged that plundering, falsehood and treacherous politics of both Zardari and Imran Khan had deprived the politics of its morality. Contrary to it, the PML-N parliamentarians had set examples of public service and due to it; the graph of party popularity had been increased manifold.

“In fact, people appreciate the performance of the incumbent government,” he added. “The symbols of duplicitous political tactics have delivered nothing in Sindh and KP nor have they given any attention to solving the basic problems of the people. The way they have ignored the masses, voters will reject them in the elections in the same manner,” concluded the chief minister.