Despite many a time clarifications of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) regarding and rejecting the claims that it is just targeting the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), the latest mischievous investigation gives credence to the narrative of the ruling party –neither the accountability process is fair nor is it across the board. Nawaz Sharif is relaxed at the moment. He demands either to provide proof of allegations or Chairman, Javed Iqbal, must go. All the pressure is on NAB.

Unfortunately, the anti-graft body, too, in its operations is failing to meet an objective criterion. Not missing the opportunity to create a doubt in peoples mind, like a prudent politician, Nawaz has called all the previous cases decided against him based mainly on unverified reports.

Though NAB maintains that its move on Tuesday was not to hurt anyone, however, the body failed to offer any explanation why the organisation relied on a fake and unverified report named Nawaz Sharif with serious allegations was brought before the public. The chances are that political environment will worsen given the latest blunder made by NAB. Considering the latest embarrassment for NAB and its chairman, the fierce reaction of the government to the NAB’s proceedings against Nawaz and his party members, fears are that NAB’s actions will invite a standoff just before the elections.

The only way forward and to avoid any confrontation is to accept the proposal of Mr Sharif who want the introduction of a law to suspend National Accountability Ordinance before and during caretaker government, for it is now clear that NAB believes in selective accountability. The fears of the ruling party are not entirely misplaced. Its concerns that NAB will try to implicate key members of PML-N in frivolous cases before and in the midst of elections are wholly justified.

NAB has failed to remain impartial, and if any stand-off arises before general elections NAB will be responsible for it.