ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has ruled out the enforcement of presidential system in Pakistan. In an interview with FM-98 Dosti channel, the President said that parliamentary system is very strong in Pakistan and there is no debate on presidential system in the country. He said enforcement of presidential system can create problems in the country. He also said that powers devolved to provinces under the 18th amendment cannot be taken back. Commenting on the economic situation in the country, Dr Arif Alvi said it is correct that inflation has increased, but the government is trying its best to address this issue, which needs time. To a question, the President said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will benefit the entire region as it will enhance connectivity and open up trade corridors. He said that interest of local industry will be safeguarded, while allowing relocation of Chinese industries in Pakistan. Dr Arif Alvi said that Gwadar Port will provide connectivity to central Asian states and Afghanistan with southern countries. Besides, Pakistan and China will be able to play an important and fundamental role for restoration of peace, reconstruction, and development in Afghanistan under the banner of CPEC. About China’s role in resolution of Kashmir dispute and other regional issues, the President said that both Islamabad and Beijing share common views that people’s sufferings and poverty cannot be addressed without ensuring peace in the region. Dr. Arif Alvi said India is heading towards religious extremism due to its internal political situation.

He urged India to step forward towards peace and resolve Kashmir issue to defeat poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and health problems in the region.

On a question about importance of Radio transmissions, Arif Alvi said rapid development in science has reduced the popularity of print media. He said radio is the most popular medium even in the western world. He said listening to radio has been part of Pakistan’s old traditions.