Lahore : PML-N Central Spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that the country and its people are in turmoil because of incompetent and ineligible rulers like Imran Khan who is a pathological and compulsive liar.

In a statement on Friday, she said that instead of his usual rant of false promises and incessant lying, the Prime Minister should have fulfilled his constitutional obligation to tell the people of Pakistan the IMF conditions he knelt to.

Responding  to the Prime Minister’s speech, Marriyum said Khan should have told the people that because of his gross incompetence, the country’s inflation has tripled while its growth rate has been cut to half in just nine months of Khan’s disastrous rule.

The former Minister Information said that Khan’s regime agreed to the worst conditions by IMF in the history of the country. These anti-people conditions are a result of the inability of the PTI regime to negotiate a remotely better deal, she said.

She said that Imran’s severe incompetence led to the surrender of country’s economic sovereignty to the IMF by appointing IMF’s representatives on both sides of the negotiating table.

Marriyum said that Khan should have admitted that he and his regime are thieves busy looting the country which was why the people of Pakistan did not trust him enough to pay taxes. This distrust and looting instinct of Imran Khan and his regime are the reasons why Pakistan had to knock IMF’s door.

Imran should have told Pakistanis in his speech that he is burying Pakistan under Rs16 billion of loan every single day.