First Daughter Ivanka Trump on Friday shared a photo of herself alongside David Malpass, the newly-minted World Bank President, with a document titled "National Security Strategy" visible on a coffee table, according to a screengrab of her Twitter profile page taken by journalist Luke O'Neil.

Ivanka has apparently deleted the image for some reason and re-uploaded a version where the part with the document has been cut out.

The new tweet, which is still up on her page, says the two were discussing the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, championed by Ivanka and hosted by the World Bank Group.

The paper appears to refer to the United States' new National Security Strategy, which was released in December 2017 and is available on the website of the White House.

However, it still raised questions as to why the document was brought to an encounter with a World Bank representative and why Ivanka, who advises her father on education and the economic empowerment of women, was involved in it.

"It's not top secret material or anything, just weird that she's talking about it with the World Bank unless it isn't," said Luke O'Neil. "I literally do not know for sure if that is bad but it seems like it?"

According to a long-standing informal tradition, the United States chooses World Bank presidents. After the previous chief, Jim Yong Kim, announced his upcoming resignation in January, speculation began to emerge that Ivanka might be the one to assume the role.

Trump's pick David Maplass was appointed president of the World Bank Group in early April, and two weeks later Ivanka revealed that her father had offered her the job but she refused because she was happy with her current role as White House adviser.