Lahore  -    Gas Utility Court Additional District Judge Javaid Ashraf has ordered issuance of warrants for the arrest of the regional manager and distribution manager of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Lahore for not restoring gas meter as per the court order.

The court had declared in its judgement a bill amounting to Rs2,487,160 null and void and ordered the judgement debter (SNGPL) to restore the meter of the decree holder (consumer). However, the gas company failed to restore the gas meter and defied the court order.

In addition, after the court order, the court staff flatly refused to issue the warrants on the pretext that internet was not functioning properly. However, the manual warrants filled by the decree holder’s counsel and issued by the court staff were not signed by the judge. The court demanded the issuance of computerised warrants to be signed for the arrest of the respondents.

Earlier the court said in the judgement, “Whether gas bill issued by SNGPL on 07.02.2014 payable by plaintiff on 21.02.2014 for amount of Rs24,87,160, is result of personal grudge, malice, enmity, illegal, void ab-initio.”

The onus of proving this issue was placed upon the plaintiff who produced two other witnesses who corroborated the version of the plaintiff. Moreover, disconnection of gas supply notice allegation was violation of contract/agreement.

As per written statement meter tempering and pilferage of sui gas allegations were leveled against the plaintiff. Disputed bill of January 2014 of Rs24,82,386/- was mentioned in lieu of adjustment/security deposit. In the said bill issued by the gas company bill and payment history since January 2013 to December 2013 has been found mentioned outstanding whereby no adjustment whatsoever of any bad have been found, as per the judgement.