LAHORE :   Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Syed Samsam Ali Bukhari Friday said that after making an alliance in corruption, the leadership of the PPP and Nawaz League had now become partners in humiliation as well.  “Unification of the corrupt elements of both the parties is natural as culture of corruption, nepotism, money laundering and looting of national exchequer is common in these parties. Stern punishments from the judiciary and people’s court are now the destiny of the corrupt leaders of these parties.”, he said in a statement. He said that alliance of PPP and PML-N with the party of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman will be beneficial for the as PTI as the it will get a chance to take three wickets on one ball.  “It seems that leaders of N-League have given their party to Bilawal Zardari on contract as they are ready to flee from the country as usual”, he said, adding that  PPP had also become the B team of PML-N and its agitation was actually for the Nawaz League. He said that PPP had toed the line of PML-N but this will cost a lot to PPP as people can only be befooled once.  He said that memory of people was not weak as they had not forgotten the tenures of loot and plunder under the rules of Mian nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari. “Both the self-claim leaders have made the biggest dacoity in the history of the country due to which people are suffering under the burden of tax”.  He advised the Opposition to bring change in their attitude and present solution of the problems instead of doing politics for the sake of politics. He said that new economic team of PTI should get complete opportunity to deliver.