LAHORE                -                Ameer-ud-Din Medical College and Post-graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Lahore Principal Prof Dr Al-freed Zafar has said that coronavirus was a contagious disease, which spread more rapidly in densely populated cities compared to the rural areas.

Talking to the media here on Sunday, he said the main reason was that people were more in touch with each other and ignored precautions in cities. He said that less cases of coronavirus had been reported in suburbs, villages and towns than in big cities of the world. A similar situation was witnessed in Pakistan, he added.

Prof Al-Freed Zafar said that women had been less affected by coronavirus as they had higher immunity than men. He said that open air was essential for protection from coronavirus, and that was why rural populations were safer than those in big cities.

He said that the virus had appeared for the third time in the world. For the first time, when it appeared in 2002, it was called SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome), the second time the same virus was identified as MERS (Middle-East respiratory syndrome) in 2012. At that time, most of its victims were camels in the Middle East. Later, the disease was transmitted to humans from camels.

The PGMI principal said that the situation could aggravate if people did not implement all standard operating procedures (SPOs), set by the health experts, to stay safe. The use of masks and frequent hand-washing advice should be strictly followed and social distancing should be observed if people wanted to remain coronavirus-free, he added.

He said that as per the instructions of the Punjab government, all steps were being taken at the PGMI to combat the virus and provide maximum protection to citizens there.