LAHORE - Chief Traffic Officer Lahore Capt (retd) Syed Hammad Abid said that the traffic police, while educating more than 400,000 citizens who went out unnecessarily during the lockdown, issued warnings against 240,409 vehicles for violating the warning deadlock.  While releasing statistics on action against law breakers during the partial lockdown, the Chief Traffic Officer said that action was taken against more than one million motorcycles for violating ban on pillion ride. Similarly, during the partial lockdown, the undertaking was taken from 38,271 rickshaw drivers and motorcyclists; in which they pledged not to come on roads without any emergent need. The CTO said that 10,003 vehicles were impounded in the city police stations and 7,538 vehicles were released and challan tickets were issued to 29,676 vehicles for seating more than two persons in one car.   He said that as many as 33 cases were registered against public transport. During the partial lockdown, action was taken against 114 buses, 790 wagons and 4,410 flying coaches. He said that action was also taken against 516 online taxi services for violating the partial lockdown. Syed Hamad Abid said that challan was not intended; what was intended instead was to make the citizens feel responsible. He said that the citizens should abide by government suggested measures to completely root out the coronavirus.