Freedom of worship is a constitutional and human right. As the whole world is in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic because of Covid-19, medical experts have strongly urged to take precautionary measures. In addition, most religious institutions have advised believers to pray at home realizing the gravity of the virus. As per reports, a lack of observance of social distancing has led to a spike in Covid-19 cases in Pakistan. Notwithstanding Fatwas from all Muslim school of thoughts, believers have reportedly thronged to mosques in violation of government rules, let alone observing social distancing.

This is how this deadly virus is passed from one person to another. It reflects weaknesses on the part of government that exhibit weakness in implementing its regulations. None has a right to flout the ban. The death toll, as per reports, in the developed world is declining and rapidly rising in the third world. The matter of mosque attendance is of the utmost concern. Hence, the government has to take a firm decision as people can be saved from risk if the scope of lockdown is widened considering the state of healthcare facilities in the country.

Authorities should take all stakeholders on board to further stem the spread of the outbreak in this country from getting worse. In this crucial time, clerics need to work with the state in an attempt to save the lives of the general public. In this particular situation, every citizen is urged to cooperate with the government instead of creating problems. Enforcement of the law is understandably a governance challenge but it is possible.